A Voice… When Yours Can’t Be There

A Voice... When Yours Can't Be There

The newest form of epinephrine administer has been released, and get this… IT TALKS! From experience I can tell you that when you are experiencing a reaction and having trouble speaking it can be hard to talk someone or yourself through the steps of administering the medicine.The new allerject is voice guided and also compact! As you can see in the image it can be compared in length to a Chapstick. I am leery to try this product because it is a life saving device and new products often need time to have the bugs worked out. Ive ordered my free trainer so now i just have to wait and try out this baby! Comment and tell me what you are thinking about the allerject!

Photo is from http://dairyeggnut.wordpress.com/2013/01/28/i-got-it/ Great blog!


2 thoughts on “A Voice… When Yours Can’t Be There

  1. Hi Sydney. Thank you for visiting my blog (dairyeggnut.wordpress.com), and leaving a comment. The new Allerject is so far pretty great, right? The photo you’re using on your post is one that I took myself to show how compact the Allerject is. Would you mind linking the image back/crediting my original post? Thanks so much, and I agree with your comment, don’t let allergies stop you from enjoying food! 🙂

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