Exclude The Food, Not The Person


Having allergies can often lead to feelings of exclusion, embarrasment and isolation. People often don’t know how to deal with someones allergies and  can unintentionally exclude them.  Truth is, as someone with allergies I am more than flattered when my peers treat me like they treat everyone else! You know you have a great friend on your hands when they are willing to accomodate and make plans that ensure your safety! Here are some tips on how to include your friends, peers and family members with allergies 🙂

1. Inform youself of their allergies so they can feel safe and at ease when you are together.

2. As social beings we tend to believe that every social event must involve food. There is all kinds of   activites that can be planned that don’t involve food but are still fun and satisfying for everyone!

3. Remember to be empathetic and understanding when someone is feeling anxious or ill! Its important to keep in mind that even the smallest ammount of exposure to an allergen can cause a reaction.

4. If you are planning an event where food will be present make sure that all guests are aware of what foods can not be brought and even check upon arrival of guests to make sure no one forgot!

5. Lastly, the most important way to make a person with allergies feel included is to treat them for the person they are not the allergies they have!

Have you ever felt excluded because of your allergies?

Photo from CNN.com


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