Ten Tips For Tackling High School With Severe Allergies!

High School is a huge adjustment for teens and especially for those who are living with severe allergies! From experience I can say that high school students with allergies are often left to fend for themseleves and need to learn to be self advocates! Here are ten tips to help your child or yourself feel the safest at school!
1. Prior to starting at your new school meet with your principle to inform him/her of the severity of your allergies and review the schools anaphylaxis policy.

2. Having a locker is great for storing stuff to lighten your load during the day, but it is important to remember to have your epipens with you every where you go!

3. Make sure that all of your teachers are informed of your allergies and are taking the necessary precautions to ensure your safety in the class room.

4. Allergies are not something to be embaressed about! Inform all your friends of your allergies so that you dont have to face any risky situations at the lunch table.

5. A great idea is to have a backup epipen in your schools office incase one is administered wrong or a malfunction occurs. (Trust me, this has saved my life before!)

6. Become familiar with Sabrina’s law because it was put in place to protect you.

7. Plan ahead for school events to reduce the risk of reactions!

8. The buddy system is key! It’s important to stay with a friend you trust incase a reaction begins occuring.

9. Never be embaressed of your allergies! Don’t be affraid to ask a classmate to stop eating in class or to tell someone if you begin feeling symptoms of anaphylaxis.

10. My final tip is the most important… COMMUNICATION! To survive high school with severe allergies it is crucial to communicate with your peers, teachers, family, friends and your body!

Happy High School days!


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