Public Emergency Epipens

I was sitting in the public library last week when I snapped this picture! A fellow allergy panel member for “Why Risk It?” had posted this article that really got me thinking: Allergies are such a growing issue and anyone can develop allergies at anytime so why don’t they have epinephrine next to that […]

My New Medical Bracelet!

This day just keeps getting better and better! First I woke up to find out it was a snow day, which was totally unexpected. I spent my day lounging and watching movies and was thrilled when my new medical bracelet arrived in the mail! I have had a medic-alert one before but was looking for […]

Should schools ban allergens completely?–severe-allergies-at-school-force-parents-to-not-pack-dairy-and-eggs-in-lunches This is a very controversial article that really got my thinking!Should schools be banning allergens that are a large component of a child’s nutrition? If milk and eggs are being banned to accommodate one child’s needs what about someone else who has a wheat or fruit allergy? Then what do they suppose the children […]

My Least Favourite Holiday…

Most girls my age complain about hating Valentines Day because they are “forever alone”, but for me it’s strawberries. Chocolate covered strawberries,strawberry candy, strawberry cream chocolates, strawberry cupcakes and much more. Its safe to say my high school is a walking strawberry on Valentines Day. As this holiday approaches I begin dreading it more and […]

Dining Out With Allergies

I enjoyed a dinner out with my family last night at Red Lobster. The service was fabulous and they were so accommodating! It is important to always inform your waiter/waitress of your allergies as soon as you sit down. Have them inform you of the foods on the menu to avoid and also risk factors […]

Cross Contamination

Just a quick and short little post for you guys! It is so crucial to remember how dangerous cross contamination of foods can be and how you need to be informing your children of this. Just because you cant see your allergens on the food does not mean they are not there. Just think from […]


I am so happy to say I am finally starting to feel better! Everyday I usually feel nauseous, have a rash and a headache because of my allergies. Being in a school environment with allergens up the whazoo really makes me feel ill all the time. This semester because of some time table issues I […]