Hi, im Sydney and I have allergies!

appleAs the second semester approaches teens with allergies are faced with new teachers, classes and potential risky situations! For me a new semester always means explaining my allergies to my new teachers and hoping that they understand. It is my job to make sure they are aware of the pecautions that need to be taken because often the principals forget to relay the message. The advice that I have for tackling this situation is to COMMUNICATE!!Telling them about your allergies as soon as possible will help prevent any risky situations throughout the semester. A great thing to do is to type up a letter for all your teachers listing all the things you are allergic to, where your epipen is kept and what to do in the event of a reaction. By showing your responsibility they will take you more seriously! So tomorrow is the first day of my semester 2 and here’s hoping this semester is reaction free! Remember that a litle bit of effort goes a long way in keeping yourself safe!!


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