I am so happy to say I am finally starting to feel better! Everyday I usually feel nauseous, have a rash and a headache because of my allergies. Being in a school environment with allergens up the whazoo really makes me feel ill all the time. This semester because of some time table issues I am coming home for lunch with my Mom every day and it is working out great. By not being exposed to the allergens in the cafeteria I am able to enjoy my day better. I am also finding I am able to focus much more in my last period math class because I am not battling a headache or having feelings of the anxiety of possible reactions. My teachers at school usually seem as if they could care less about my allergies and don’t worry about informing the class of the precautions that need to be taken. My mom wrote a letter regarding my allergies for all of my teachers and it worked magically! I always inform my teachers of my allergies but something about them receiving the letter with all the info summarized seemed to do the trick. Maybe they felt threatened? HAHA. Since I gave them the letters they have all shown great concern for my healthy and safety and have even informed my classes of what they can’t eat in class. My math teacher even went to the length of putting a “NO FOOD ZONE” sign on the door. I truly recommend giving a letter about yours or your child’s allergies. Even if the teachers have been informed by the principal they sometimes just need a little extra kick! Is there any measures you take to make sure you feel great and reaction free?

food allergy funny eye punch

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