My Least Favourite Holiday…

Most girls my age complain about hating Valentines Day because they are “forever alone”, but for me it’s strawberries. Chocolate covered strawberries,strawberry candy, strawberry cream chocolates, strawberry cupcakes and much more. Its safe to say my high school is a walking strawberry on Valentines Day. As this holiday approaches I begin dreading it more and more. Luckily I go home for lunch because they pretty much have a strawberry feast in the cafeteria! As much as I dread this holiday I do have some tips and tricks for surviving!

1. Probably the most important tip… DONT FORGET YOUR EPIPEN ON VALENTINES DAY!

2. Only eat treats that are 100% safe. Valentines day treats can be tempting but don’t risk it!

3. Avoid risky kissing situations. At the Recent Mylan EpiPen Blogger Summit it was revealed that 1 in 3 parents report that their child has experienced anaphylaxis on Valentines Day. NOW THATS A SCARY FACT!

4. Lastly on Valentines Day be smart and aware of all your surroundings. If you feel you need to get out of a room because of an allergen don’t hesitate.

I hope you all enjoy a safe and allergy free Valentines Day! chocolate covered strawberries


4 thoughts on “My Least Favourite Holiday…

  1. Great blog about Valentine’s day! It is important to be careful of chocolate products as well, with nut and other allergies too! I remember how all the holidays seem to be an issues with chcolate, candies, cross contamination and overload. Like Halloween and Easter, so much chocolate and candy, it is very easy to have a reaction on these special days.

    Enjoy a safe Valentine’s!

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