Should schools ban allergens completely?–severe-allergies-at-school-force-parents-to-not-pack-dairy-and-eggs-in-lunches

This is a very controversial article that really got my thinking!Should schools be banning allergens that are a large component of a child’s nutrition? If milk and eggs are being banned to accommodate one child’s needs what about someone else who has a wheat or fruit allergy? Then what do they suppose the children will eat?

I am very in-between with this issue, but I would love to hear your opinion! What do you think about banning allergens in schools?


7 thoughts on “Should schools ban allergens completely?

  1. Hmmm very interesting. I’m wondering if any allergies besides nut allergies can be airborne? I have never heard of it, but doesn’t mean it’s not possible. Even being deathly allergic to egg myself, I don’t think milk and egg should be banned from schools. Like you said, if they start banning multiple food groups, what are kids going to eat?! Instead, the child’s parents should teach them how to handle their own allergies and how to be safe. I say that they should just keep nuts out if possible, as that seems to be the biggest airborne offender!

    • Although its uncommon to be airborne to allergens besides nuts, I am airborne anaphylactic to strawberries! This is a daily struggle at high school. Its everywhere!! I agree about it being just nuts that is banned. Thanks for the comment 🙂

      • Oh my gosh!!! Well I’m sorry to hear that you have that airborne allergy. How interesting though. As if food allergies aren’t hard enough, they’ve gotta start messing with our oxygen now too! Haha

  2. I can understand why this would be enforced in very young children’s classrooms since children that young (kindergarten age) may not have the discipline or knowledge to understand everything they should avoid. I feel for the people who are having a hard time spending more money on groceries. The specialty foods can get really expensive! The school should work with a local grocery store to figure out some sort of discount program or something.

  3. My son has 15 allergies and some are airborne.
    Food includes tomato and orange (as well as nuts), however he is also allergic to some mold types, some which can be airborne and one in particular he is at risk of an anaphylatic reaction too. I would never request they cut these foods out too or tale away trees, flowers or gardens!

    Its great that childcare and schools are encouraging nut free environments but there is no guarantees. I personally never let my guard down in regards to his allergies. No place is safe so its better to be on alert and ready then be lulled into any sense of false safety.

    • Very true! Reactions can occur anytime, anywhere! With me being in High School I have to be responsible for my allergies on my own at school. Just because my class has become a food free zone doesn’t mean I am not cautious. Great comment, i totally agree. 🙂

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