Public Emergency Epipens


I was sitting in the public library last week when I snapped this picture! A fellow allergy panel member for “Why Risk It?” had posted this article that really got me thinking:

Allergies are such a growing issue and anyone can develop allergies at anytime so why don’t they have epinephrine next to that defibrillator?! I really like the idea that Mylan is giving out free epipens to schools that qualify! My parents have signed that my extra epipen in the school office can be used by anyone if need be. However I think it would be really beneficial to have these epipens in public places in case of emergency. We can all agree that epinephrine is just as life saving as a defibrillator. What do you think?


2 thoughts on “Public Emergency Epipens

  1. Totally agree!! It is bizarre that there isn’t one in there. I have always had this imaginary scene in my head where I’m out in public somewhere and someone starts having anaphylaxis and I save the day with my EpiPen haha!! That being said, they should be everywhere! There is not always a good chance that a total stranger will have an Epi on hand.

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