School Trips & Anaphylaxis!

Me in Times Square!
I love to travel and school trips have always been a great experience! My most recent school trip was New York City in November! It was an amazing trip and we pretty much did everything you can possibly do in NYC in 3 days! Here is a brief list of everything we did:

– Saw Wicked the Broadway Musical
– Radio City Rockettes Christmas Spectacular
– Skating at Rockefeller centre
– Shopping at 5th avenue, soho, canal street and times square
– The Metropolitan museum of art
– Central Park walking tour
– Dance classes at Alvin Ailey and Steps on Broadway
-Top of the rock
– NBC studios and Radio City Music Halls backstage tours
– And much more

The trip was very well planned which helped me be reaction free! Here are some tips to ensure that your child or your next school trip runs smoothly!

1. Spend the extra thirty bucks and get travel insurance! Especially if you are going out of country.

2.Inform the teachers early in the planning process so all accommodations can be made.

3. Have your teachers or tour guide company inform the restaurants of your allergies ahead of time so accommodations can be made.

4. Bring lots of allergy meds and epipens! I carried my epipens as well as my teacher had one in her bag just incase.

5. Pick your roommates wisely! Pick people that you know will respect your allergies!!

6. Have teachers send out an email prior to the trip so that all parents can be informed to remind their children of what foods can not be brought or bought on the trip.

7. Have teachers quickly check students snacks before departure. Theres nothing scarier than being on a bus with 50 people eating your allergens!

8. Lastly just be careful and don’t take risks when your far from home! (not saying you should take risks at home though ;)) Make sure that you relax and enjoy yourself!

I hope this post is helpful for anyone going on school trips sometime soon! It’s a really great feeling coming home from a trip and feeling accomplishment because you made it home alive!

Have you had any bad travel experiences??

Central Park!

Skating and Tree Lighting at Rockefeller


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