Epipen or Twinject?

Choosing your brand of auto-injector is all a personal decision, but do you ever wonder which one had a better chance of saving you in the event of a reaction? I am not writing this post to say that Twinject is bad and you shouldn’t use it; I am writing this blog post to inform you! About three years ago I had my first anaphylactic reaction, at the time I was carrying a Twinject. My mum and I were pulled over on the side of the highway on the way to the hospital and she was going to administer the Twinject. It malfunctioned and would not release the needle. My mum continued to administer it into my leg and it would not release so she moved on to the second dose. The whole injector was jammed up and the spring load medal propellent that shoots the needle, flew out and shot my mom in the finger. Luckily we were able to use the second dose but the whole experience was very traumatic. Since then I refuse to use that brand and with a little research we found out that it is not uncommon for Twinjects to malfunction. Check out this website for some info and statistics. Let me know what you think! Here



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