Exercise Induced Anaphylaxis

Have you ever been jogging or doing a cardio workout and all of a sudden your legs begin to itch and swell and you feel nauseous? If so, you may be experiencing exercise induced anaphylaxis. I know it sounds silly eh? Its hard enough to get people to believe my food allergies let alone an allergy to exercise!!! I first experienced this last December as I did a 80’s workout video with my sister. With a little research my mum was able to find out what was going on! They say it is very rare and is more likely to happen if you eat right before working out. I am no doctor so if your interested, check out google on exercise induced anaphylaxis! There is tons of articles on this topic.

I have been beginning to workout again lately and I seem to be able to manage it. If I avoid eating before working out and don’t push myself to far, I seem to be okay. My family doctor also said this can be caused by temperature, so I try to avoid pushing myself to a hot over heated exercise state. I agreed to go for a run with a girlfriend after a winter of lying on the couch. I over did it a bit and found my skin itchy and uncomfortable. So needless to say, I am working on it.

On the note of fitness I have a cool healthy snack! I have really been loving yogurt, with granola and chia seeds! Chia seeds come from the mint family and are a great source of fibre, omega 3 and the 9 essential amino acids. They have no flavour and add a tapioca texture to the yogurt. Add some fruit and you have a delicious healthy snack or breakfast.

Exercising is a great way to relax and forget about what you’ve got going on! Always remember to stop if your feeling anything weird and never exercise alone if you think you may be experiencing exercise induced anaphylaxis!!



4 thoughts on “Exercise Induced Anaphylaxis

  1. I have indeed experienced this. Many years ago. I was ice skating and all of a sudden, felt the reaction coming on (the itching and the hives and the trouble breathing). I could not figure out why it was happening, but knew it was anaphylaxis. Needless to say I ended up in the Emergency room. It was really strange because at that time I ice skated a LOT and never ever had a reaction like that. I actually chalked it up to the rink itself. It was old and musty hockey rink so I just assumed that the reaction was brought on by breathing in the mould in the building. I never considered (until reading your post), that it might have been due to eating prior to skating. It was such a long time ago so I can’t remember if I did eat before I went skating, but it is possible that I did.

  2. I experience this once or twice a year. I passed out twice around 6 years ago when I didn’t know what it was. However, after seeing a specialist he educated me about the problem. After that, I never pass out, but still experience itching and hives. My advice to those who have this problem is to educate yourself about the issue.
    The reason I have not passed out in the past several years is that as soon as I feel itching, I stop exercising. That limits the damage to just some hives and itching.
    Passing out is extremely dangerous since your airways could be swollen, and you might not be able to breath. You pass out because the blood pressure drops, you will have swollen throat because of the body reaction to allergy and hives. Combination of all of these can be deadly. In my case, I am not worried at all because I have learned how to deal with this issue.
    In one occasion when I was very angry, I noticed the hives again. I can say that in my case 95% of the times it is exercise related. 5% it might happen because of other issues that I don’t know. The first time it happened to me was when I was giving a lecture.
    If nobody is around and you feel you are passing out make sure to sit or laydown in such a way that the airway is in a comfortable position, that might help you to keep part of the airways open which hopefully allows some air to get through the passage. Have a bracelet that shows you have such a problem. The first time the ambulance arrived, they thought I was allergic to the shirt that I was wearing.

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