My Saturday At The 6th Annual Anaphylaxis Canada Conference

This Saturday I spent my day in Toronto at the 6th annual Anaphylaxis Canada conference! This was my first year attending and it was fabulous! As I am apart of anaphylaxis Canada’s youth advisory panel (YAP), I helped out with a lot of the days events. The morning was the youth conference! There was 30 youth there from ages 11 to 23! We earned a lot of really great information on allergies and it was amazing to meet others who are going through the same things as me. The afternoon portion of the conference was for the parents of allergic children. Since I am not a parent but a member of YAP, I was able to attend. Allergist Dr.Mack gave a really informative presentation on living with allergies. Following his presentation was a “ask the allergist section”. During intermission I got to visit all the exhibitors. These included: epipen, allerject, sunbutter, Medicalert, olli lolli clothing, eczema society, lung association, allergic living magazine, and many more. Yay for free samples and auto injector trainers!!! Next up was a enlightening presentation by Dr.Waserman! She discussed all of the leading research for cures for allergies. It was really great to hear that there is hope, it isn’t coming tomorrow but they are working on it.

Finally… my big moment of the day! I am so grateful to have been asked to be on the “Teens Talk Allergies” panel! Myself and three others sat at the front of the room and spoke to about 130 people! Usually public speaking is not my thing but I am so proud of myself for doing it. It was a touching experience to get to give advice and answer parents questions about being a teen with allergies. I loved all the parents that came up to talk to me at the end of the conference 🙂 Things like this help to remind you that you can always turn something negative to positive. Yes, somedays I hate having allergies and I feel defeated but being able to share your experiences and give hope is truly heart warming 🙂

I am looking forward to next years conference and am so happy I was able to be apart of this event!



3 thoughts on “My Saturday At The 6th Annual Anaphylaxis Canada Conference

  1. I really wished I could have attended the event…unfortunately, I needed to be somewhere else that day. What did you find to be the most asked question from the parents with teenagers? Do you find teenagers with food allergies more willing or less willing to talk about their food allergies with others?

    I have to say, I am really enjoying the 31 Tips for Parents that the Youth Advisory Panel (YAP) put together. I am finding the tips are a great opening to discussion with my two teenaged boys. I am finding all the advice very helpful…thank you! 🙂 Did you write a tip?

    On another note…do you think youth with food allergies cook for themselves more as they move closer towards living outside of the home? Are allergic youth learning to cook? Would a cookbook for allergic youth be something useful for those embarking on their own life’s journey? Where do allergic youth get their recipes…adapted family recipes, allergy cookbooks, magazines, their own creativity in the kitchen?

    Your input would be greatly appreciated. Please feel free to email me if you would prefer. Thanks. 🙂

    • Hey! Thanks for the comment, wish we could have met at the conference! I found the most asked questions from parents of teenagers were about university and also of our confidence with our allergies. Many were curious to hear from the older YAP members about their experiences with residence and meal hall! Many parents talked about how their teens lack confidence with their allergies and were curious of our coping strategies and how we stay so confident! Thanks for the kind words about the tips, my tip will be up sometime this month. Let me know what you think!

      I think a cook book for allergic youth is a fabulous idea! I feel that many of us are so used to their parents making the meals and knowing all the allergen free recipes that it would be great to learn. Cooking is a life skill and can always be a little challenging with allergies so we should be learning. I think your on too a great idea!!

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