What are you doing for food allergy awareness month?

As we all know, it is food allergy awareness month! I feel that this month is the perfect time to take action and gain awareness. So far this month I have attended anaphylaxis Canada’s conference and been apart of YAP’s daily tips! Anaphylaxis Canada is releasing 1 tip daily from allergic youth for parents. The tips are posted on Anaphylaxis Canada’s twitter, Facebook and Pinterest accounts. If you are the parent of an allergic child or you have allergies, I highly recommend checking out these fabulous tips. Mine will be coming up sometime before the end of the month, so keep an eye out. (Plus I will blog about it). This month I am also having a bake sale on May 25th! All of the proceeds will be donated to Anaphylaxis Canada. Do you guys have any other fundraising ideas? Lastly I am in the works of getting an allergy awareness presentation together for my high schools next staff meeting. I feel that there is lack of awareness and understanding in my school so I need to take action and inform them. I also plan to introduce the teachers to the Allerject.

What are you doing to raise awareness for food allergies this month? Every little bit helps to raise awareness! Keep up the great work everyone!!


2 thoughts on “What are you doing for food allergy awareness month?

  1. Will your bake sale be allergy friendly? I think it is great that you have organized a meeting with the staff at your school regarding the Allerject and food allergies in general. Working together as a team makes a huge difference…education is the key. 🙂 Looking forward to your tip of the day for all us parents with youth with food allergies. 🙂

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