My Allergy Story

I realized today that I have yet to really tell my followers “my story”. I have stated my allergens but have never really explained when I developed my allergies and such! I am not trying to scare you at all about allergies, but I will be completely honest in this post. So here ya go, here it all is!

At the age of thirteen I woke up one night an experienced anaphylaxis for the first time. Throughout my childhood I did have minor rashes and nausea from foods, but never imagined I would develop such serious allergies. At this age I was getting ready to head into high school and had little knowledge of allergies. I began carrying an auto injector and within the first 6 months of developing my allergies I required 4 Epipens. The reactions occurred mostly at school and even on my grade 8 overnight trip. At the time my allergens were unknown so they were very hard to manage. During this time I visited allergists and doctors and went through a lot of testing. I found out that I have the markers in my blood for an auto immune disorder. Its a very confusing story but most importantly my allergies are strawberry, pineapple, coconut and cashew. I am now in grade 11 and my allergies are stronger than ever. I have become airborne anaphylactic and have now required 10+ Epipens. Since my allergies are not nuts it is very hard to manage them in the high school setting. My allergens are everywhere and people often don’t believe me or take my allergies seriously.When you think about it strawberry, pineapple and coconut are in everything! Hand sanitizers, body lotions, shampoos, vitamin waters, snacks, gum, lip gloss, perfume. Everything that teenagers love! Every day is the same thing, get up go to school, dodge my allergens all day, come home. After spending 8 hours in the allergen infested place called high school I usually have migraines, hives and just feel like complete crap. I am going to be brutally honest and say that my high school sucks at managing allergies. The staff has little awareness and they have broken Sabrina’s law several times. They have administered epipens wrong and even excluded me from specific courses. I have gone to countless events at school where I have had to leave and sit in the hall way because people forget that all allergies are serious. Not just the nut ones. My last reaction was very serious and I required 3 epipens. I have never felt so close to death, but it made me realize something. I realized that I have the power and experience to raise awareness! As difficult as this has all been I have learned a lot about myself and allergies. I now volunteer for Anaphylaxis Canada and find so much pleasure in giving advice to others. Since joining I have gained so much confidence in myself and my ability to manage my allergies. I am working on raising awareness in my school and the community. I love writing on this blog and telling my 24 followers about my experiences and my ups and downs of living with food allergies. I am so proud of my 900 views because that is 900 times that I got to share my story and help others. So thanks to my viewers for reading and for being advocates as well. With all of us working together to raise awareness we are creating a safer environment. So this is my allergy story… what is yours?

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8 thoughts on “My Allergy Story

  1. My last anaphylactic reaction required three Epipens to control too. And I spent two days in the hospital and had to take a high dose of yucky steriods for three weeks after. I thought my allergies were bad -anaphylactic to peanuts, but I have never considered a coconut allergy. Coconuts are in everything these days. I just used coconut lotion. That really sucks. Anyways, cool blog. I started following you on Twitter. Stay vigilant and safe. Take care. -Denise

  2. I recently developed a really serious Vitamin E allergy and I feel the same way- it’s in EVERYTHING!! Shampoo, soap, lip balm, lotion, so many foods…crazy.

    It’s awesome that you’re spreading awareness the way you are. A day at school sounds like it would be so emotionally/physically exhausting for you. Have you ever considered home schooling?

    • Vitamin E? Wow! And yes a day at school is physically and mentally exhausting! I always talk about home school but I think I will just finish my last year next year in public school! I do consider it but I love the social side of high school. And thanks I love spreading awareness 🙂

  3. About to sound majorly stupid but… YOU’RE IN HIGH SCHOOL?! You have very, very strong writing ability for someone your age. I just assumed I was reading work by a college grad here! You’re a wonderful writer and I’m floored that you’re so young. I also can’t believe you don’t have more followers and views! Because this is one of my very favorite blogs. 🙂 You are awesome, keep doing what you are doing because it’s amazing.

    • Thank you so much! Means so much to hear someone appreciate my work and stories! Your kind words mean so much! And yes I am a grade 11 student! 🙂 I would love to have more followers to reach more people but I am content with the people who have committed to my writing and supporting me! Thanks again, looking forward to hearing from you more!

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