Part Time Jobs With Food Allergies

As summer is quickly approaching I am realizing I should probably get a job! My first job was at Swiss Chalet and I worked there for 8 months last year. As my allergies became much more severe I was forced to quit. Coming home sick every night from clearing tables of my allergens and needing an epipen after work once was not a safe idea. This morning I printed off my resumes and I plan to hand them out this week. The only problem is where do I apply? It is very hard to find a job as a teen unless you are able to work in the food industry. This is not something I can do obviously, so my options are slim. Even Walmart has produce sections now! I am going to apply to clothing stores, drugstores and home decor stores but I highly doubt I will even get an interview. All of my friends have part time jobs so of course I want some extra cash too! I really don’t think people realize how many obstacles allergic teens face. If I do happen to get a job offer I am defiantly going to ask them about my allergies in the work place because my health comes first before money! What was your first job? Do you have any job ideas for allergic youth?!

Also if you are getting your first job and have food allergies its important to do the following:

1. Inform whoever is interviewing you about your allergies as soon as possible. This is something you don’t want to hide and hey the may even find your story inspiring!

2. Always have your auto-injector with you at work and even let a few co-workers know where it is, just in case!

3. Always remember to not put yourself in risky situations! Is your life really worth a few extra dollars??

4. Don’t be embarrassed! They cant not hire you because you have allergies, this is your life and something you are living with!

Hope this helps!


2 thoughts on “Part Time Jobs With Food Allergies

  1. Finding a part-time job for teens with food allergies is a challenge. My boys started with the local paper delivered Wed-Fri after school. It is a big route so they share it and the money they make. My eldest will be 17 this summer…he is waiting to hear about a summer job at his business placement…otherwise, he has been taking courses over the years to become a life guard/swim instructor. The paper route has been a great first time job for them…money management, people skills, working together as a team and time management have all been great skills the boys have learned…looks good on a resume too! I think the options you have chosen are good…hopefully, a door will open for you! 🙂

  2. I don’t have allergies, but my first job was at a video store – Movie Trading Company. It was pretty allergen-free – I think! 🙂 But it was a fun job, so be sure to check out video stores!

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