Take the Pledge!- National Allergy and Anaphylaxis Council!

Do you want to join the movement towards allergy awareness? Take the pledge here: http://www.anaphylaxiscouncil.org/take-the-pledge.html  (my linker isn’t working, sorry)

By taking the pledge you agree too:

I/We pledge to advocate for the safety and inclusion of individuals with allergy and anaphylaxis

I/We pledge to add my/our name to the Pledge Wall in support of the NAAC mission.

I/We pledge to spread this message to friends, family, neighbors, businesses, and the community at large.

I/We will provide advocacy, hope and change for the allergy & anaphylaxis community.

I/We pledge not to discriminate against, tease or bully those with
this life-threatening medical condition, and to stand as an advocate in instances where discrimination and/or bullying is witnessed.

I/We pledge to to be respectful of other advocates and NAAC supporters whether I share their individual opinion or not. I pledge to be a constructive member of the food allergy and anaphylactic community.

Together we will stand strong, and advocate, inspire and empower.

Once you have taken the pledge your name will be added to the pledge wall for all to see! How cool is that? So if you believe in allergy awareness and advocacy, join the movement!


Also while you are on the website you can nominate someone for the NAAC star award 2013! You only have till May 30th so act fast!


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