I Have Got A Huge Problem Coming My Way

Currently my high school has 2 lunches. Our cafeteria can only hold approximately 400 students and our population is 1500. Next year they plan to combine the lunches and have a common lunch.. This means that all 1500 students will have the same lunch and the caf can not even hold half of those people. Right now the policy is that you can only eat in the cafeteria and not in the hallways or forum. If they change to a common lunch next year people will be eating everywhere throughout the school. This is a huge concern for allergic students. My mom already picks me up everyday so I can eat at home where it is allergen free. How am I supposed to feel safe in that environment? Now I can at least avoid the cafeteria but I cant avoid every area of the school. The schools sole purpose for doing this, is to increase sport and club participation. I am very concerned about my health and safety if my school switches to a common lunch. Tomorrow I will be going straight into the Principals office to tell him my concerns and why this can not happen. If they do decide to go ahead with this plan I don’t know how I will continue to attend my school safely. This issue really scares me and will create a great deal of anxiety for allergic youth. What do you think?


3 thoughts on “I Have Got A Huge Problem Coming My Way

  1. Stand up for yourself! It’s against the law for the school to knowingly make itself inaccessible to you. Fight for the change, and keep us all posted! If they don’t listen, protest, educate other students, and generally raise a fuss. 🙂

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