“What’s in my purse” Life Saving Edition

A common tag on youtube and blogging websites is “what’s in my purse”. Of course most women have lip gloss, a pack of gum and some mascara but allergy girls and allergy moms carry something a little more important… Auto injectors! When I developed my allergies at 13 I was in denial and always left the house with my lipgloss and gum but just so happened to leave my epipen behind. When I smartened up and realized “okay I have allergies… Now how do I remember to bring this thing everywhere”, I had to find a way to remember.I found what works best is a wristlet. I am constantly changing my purses and school bags so I needed something that would keep everything together but could be quickly switched between bags. My wristlet is from coach and is my life saver… Literally! It always has my epipen, allerject, Benadryl and health card. Plus it contains the non- life saving stuff like lip gloss, gum and money! All of my friends and family know that I carry my auto injectors in my wristlet and if something is happening to grab it! My question for you is, what do you prefer to carry your epipen in and what things in your purse are the most important??





4 thoughts on ““What’s in my purse” Life Saving Edition

  1. I just got a really cute epi- pen case (for my son’s epi) from ouch-pouch on etsy. It’s great because it holds 2 epi-pens, benedryl, albuterol and his chamber. It’s also clear on one side so his medication is visible in an emergency. We never leave the house with out it!!!!

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