Why Don’t We Believe in Allergies?

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Today, I was incredibly moved by a post on the blog A Tale of Anaphylaxis. The author, epipenprincess aka Sydney, is a student who has quite a few anaphylactic allergies. In her latest post, she talks about how after a recent bout of anaphylaxis, some people were talking behind her back about how she was overreacting and making it all up. I was so moved because it reminded me so much of countless experiences I’ve had where people just flat out didn’t believe me. I know that a decade ago, I was a high school student with severe allergies and I made it through just fine, but I’m still in such admiration of Sydney’s bravery to not only handle the so-called “haters” but to do so the day after a reaction, on a blog, and with a positive attitude. That doesn’t sound to me like the sort of…

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One thought on “Why Don’t We Believe in Allergies?

  1. Yes, that was a great post! It is mind boggling how difficult it is for some people to come to terms with the fact that some people are allergic to good ol’ healthy food. My mom was diagnosed in her early 30’s with Juvenile Diabetes (now known as Type 1 Diabetes). She experienced some of the same misunderstandings as she was outwardly healthy looking and people just couldn’t believe she was ‘ill’. 🙂

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