Remaining Positive

Lately I have been receiving a lot of tweets and comments about positivity. People continuously tell me how wonderful they think it is that I have remained so positive throughout this journey. These comments are so kind and always warm my heart, but they also get me thinking. What would it be like to be […]

My Mom

So todays post is about someone very special to me.. my mom. My mom has been there for me through every reaction, every epipen and every ambulance ride. The amount of courage she has amazes me every day. I can’t imagine what she has felt all the times I have come close to death. She […]

My Life Is Normal, I Swear!

Often people believe that because of my food allergies my life is limited. They often think I miss out on socializing, travelling and fun! Truth is, I think my life is pretty normal. If I get past the trips to the hospital, the epipens and the feelings of sadness sometimes, my life is just like […]

Allergy Haven!!

Today I received some fabulous gifts in the mail from (My linker thingy isn’t working sorry!!). Allergy Haven sells anything needed by us allergic Folk! Need a stylish Epi pen carrier, medical ID bracelet or waterpoof carrier?? Owners of Allergy Haven, Katherine McCarthy and Neelu Jain are your people!! Allergy Havens products are durable, […]

So You Have Allergies: resources for the newly diagnosed

I have been receiving a lot of messages and comments from parents whose children have just developed allergies. Although I developed my allergies at 13, my family and I still went through the same things as those who developed their allergies as young children. So, this post is going to be for those of you […]

Power of 2- Get Ready! Get Set! Donate!!

Canadian Indy race car driver Alex Tagliani is supporting Anaphylaxis Canada in the power of 2 fundraiser. Tagliani who has severe food allergies is battling it out with race care driver Scott Dixon for their favourite charities! Dixon will be supporting young people living with cancer in the US and New Zealand. Both drivers are […]

Book Review: “Growing Up Ben: Living a Full Life With Food Allergies”

Hey everyone! So I have an awesome book review from author Kristen W. Kauke’s book: “Growing Up Ben: Living a Full Life With Food Allergies”! Kristen approached me and asked if I would give her some feedback from a teens perspective. Kristen is a clinical social worker and has done a lot of work in […]