Allergies Can Be Developed At Anytime!

I hope everyones summer vacations are going great so far! As soon as I rested up from my last reactions and got over the epinephrine, I got a cold! So far this summer I have laid low and spent some time with friends and family. This is something I don’t get to do very often throughout the school year. I found out my marks yesterday and I am quite pleased with myself. It was a tough stressful year allergy wise so I am quite proud with what I was able to accomplish. Now I have the summer to rest up before my big senior year. Hopefully I can keep my marks high so I can get accepted into university for nursing! Anyways, enough about school!! I was so incredibly happy on Tuesday with the amount of views I received and the lovely comments! I would like to thank Kyle Dine for sharing my “Pool Party Gone Wrong” post on the YAP blog! This got me a lot of  traffic and helped me increase the popularity of my blog. Thank you everyone for the views!!

As it is strawberry picking season where I live my social media feeds are filled with pictures of the beautiful berries! This makes me so jealous as I am anaphylactic to strawberries. Before I started typing this I was browsing through photos on my computer and came across some photos that made me laugh! It is crazy to think that just 4-5 years ago strawberries were practically a staple for me! These photos really show that an allergy can be developed at any time, so be cautious! I became anaphylactic at 13! It is so important to always be prepared because you never know when you are going to develop a life threatening allergy to your favourite food! So here are the pictures… don’t mind my outfit and hair…. these are very old!!!

Have you ever suddenly developed an allergy?

~ Sydney

p.s stay tuned for a new post by an awesome guest blogger!



4 thoughts on “Allergies Can Be Developed At Anytime!

  1. My daughter (9 years old) seems to add a new allergy each year. She developed an anaphylactic allergy to strawberries when she was 6. My husband just developed food allergies as well (he’s 44) – so I totally agree – they can come on at any time!

    • Thanks for commenting Jodi! Always great to hear that I am not the only one allergic to strawberries! It is so crazy how allergies can just be developed at any time! So crazy especially in your husbands case.

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