So You Have Allergies: resources for the newly diagnosed

I have been receiving a lot of messages and comments from parents whose children have just developed allergies. Although I developed my allergies at 13, my family and I still went through the same things as those who developed their allergies as young children. So, this post is going to be for those of you who are new to the allergy world. What I am going to do is provide you with some resources about allergies. I know for my family the first allergist appointment was a complete blur and afterwords we had to come home and search and find our own info. Also I have 5 tips to keep you on track when going through the whole diagnosis process! Finding out you our your child has food allergies can be very frightening, but with finding the right information you can live a happy, healthy and normal life. Some days I have bad days with my allergies and reactions but for the most part my days are enjoyable and I am still doing all the same things my peers are doing.


Anaphylaxis Canada’s Newly Diagnosed Support Centre

Why Risk It- Info for teens with food allergies

FARE- Food Allergy Research & Education

Allergic Living Magazine

5 Tips!!

1. Take everything day by day! Rome wasn’t built in a day! Once diagnosed with allergies you will find yourself needing to make changes to your diet and daily routine. Change takes a while to get used to, so don’t beat yourself up if you forget your epipen the first day you get it! Learn from your mistakes and remember it will get better and easier.

2. Talk about it! It is so important to remember to communicate and discuss your fears and concerns. Talking to someone about the stress or anxiety you are feeling will really help get it off your chest. If your child has developed allergies make sure you are going over any fears they may have and answering any questions.

3. Find a support group. The allergy community is full of support and resources! I know for me that blogging and volunteering as a YAP member have really helped me. If I would gotten involved when I first developed allergies I think I would have been more confident and not have made some of the mistakes I did! So volunteer, join a support group, tweet, pin, blog! Anything to help you vent and realize your not alone!

4. Take this time over the summer to make an allergy plan and prepare for school in the fall. Have an anaphylaxis emergency plan planned out and ready to give to you or child’s school in the fall. Order some auto injector trainers and to practise and train your schools staff.

5. Be careful when using the Internet! Not all information is reliable! The sources are linked are very reliable websites!

Finding out you have allergies can be stressful and cause a lot of anxiety! Remember to stay calm and that you will get through this! Also remember that I am not a doctor! Any medical concerns should be brought up with a doctor or allergist! Comment and let me know how finding out you or your child had allergies was? Stressful? Scary?


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