Remaining Positive

Lately I have been receiving a lot of tweets and comments about positivity. People continuously tell me how wonderful they think it is that I have remained so positive throughout this journey. These comments are so kind and always warm my heart, but they also get me thinking. What would it be like to be negative about my allergies? I will admit, I have days where I wish I didn’t have allergies and wonder why me. I have days where I lay in my room and feel sorry for myself. Heck, I have dreams of running into a grocery store and devouring a juicy bright red strawberry and not experiencing anaphylaxis! But, I am only human and have to I remind myself that it is normal to feel like this. What I have learned is to be positive. Through having my allergies I have realized that it takes a lot less energy to be positive than to be negative. I have had to realize that with allergies comes obstacles, and for now my allergies are here to stay. Remaining positive has helped my experience with allergies go a little smoother. Turning my negative situations into positive ones, by blogging and being a YAP member has not only helped others but it has helped me. photo-8

All of these hospital bracelets are times that I have had my epipen and been in the emergency room (minus a few that are missing). I could look at these bracelets and remember the pain and emotions that came with them, or I could focus on sharing the positive sides of these experiences to help others. I know it is hard to always look on the sunny side, but it really will help. I hope some day I outgrow my allergies but for now, while they are here I will try my hardest to look on the brighter side of the situation. And you should too!

Here are some of my favourite positivity, happiness quotes via pinterest!!



3 thoughts on “Remaining Positive

  1. It is not always easier to take the ‘higher ground’…but the benefits one gains is worth every step! When one door closes…another door opens. Sharing your positiveness with others who may be struggling…priceless! πŸ™‚

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