Guest Blog Post: Allergies for One, Allergies for All

Here is a guest post done by my amazing Mother. More posts to come from her in the future! Here it is:

After thinking about what to post as a guest blogger on my daughter Sydney’s blog, I have decided to discuss the impact one family member’s allergies can have on the others. Although I also have allergies, mine are not anaphylactic. Therefore, when a family member is diagnosed it becomes a whole learning curve and lifestyle change for the entire family, especially if the allergies are as late onset as Sydney’s were. Regardless of how old the family member is, everyone must be on board with awareness and care, or it just won’t work.

The primary shopper and cook (me) has to ensure that all labels are read when shopping and before food preparation. This can be very time consuming. I have to admit I have made errors and have assumed: ” oh we have eaten that before” or ” I know what is in that”. Therefore, Sydney helps me now and gives a double check on reading all labels before eating anything.

When we invite company over we have to alert them also of Sydney’s allergies and what foods cannot be brought into our home, along with scented products. If we are having a large party, sometimes I feel safer preparing all the food myself.

Even when we consider purchasing products such as soap, sprays and cosmetics, we must all make sure they are allergen free. Sydney’s older sister also reads her product labels when buying things.

When we plan vacations, we have to ensure we are stocked up on Sydney’s Benadryl and auto- injectors. Although she is older,I still do a check in with her to make sure we have everything.

When travelling in strange places, my husband will program the GPS with the nearest hospitals during our stay.

Not only are we constantly aware as a family what is required to ensure Sydney’s safety with allergens, we are greatly impacted emotionally when she does have an allergic reaction. We often worry and consider every place she goes and event she attends.

On the upside, we are so proud of Sydney’s gift of sharing her stories with others about her “normal” life with allergies and she has educated us as well. Every day she informs me of a new piece of information she has read about allergens, strategies and other stories many of you have so graciously shared.

Sydney is a remarkable girl, and we have adopted her allergies as our own, with the due care and respect that we would if they were our own. In our house, it’s an “allergies for one, allergies for all” kind of life we share!

Leslie (Sydney’s Mama)


5 thoughts on “Guest Blog Post: Allergies for One, Allergies for All

  1. When someone has allergies or any other medical condition, it affects the whole family. Sydney is lucky to have such a supportive family. When the people you live with support you and your limitations, you feel normal.

  2. Excellent article! We do all of this also for my 6 yr old daughter, who has celiac, 23 food allergies, and 20odd enviro/chem/medicine allergies. It really DOES affect the whole family – but sometimes in a positive way. My 10.5 yr old son can now look at any recipe anywhere, and tell me what we need to do to make it Mandie-safe! 😀 Her brothers also help me read labels, and keep an eye on her when she’s not with me. I love the positive tone of this post, while as an allergy mom I TOTALLY relate to all of the emotions (and oopsies) that come with the title. HUGS to all of you!

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