Back To School Basics

With my first day of my senior year just 12 days away, I have sadly begun my back to school preparations. Having a successful and safe school year with food allergies is very possible with a little planning and communication! Here is a list of all my basic back to school tips and tricks! – […]

Guest Blog Post: Tips For Friends Who Have Friends Living with Food Allergies

I am so excited to be having clinical social worker/ author/ allergy mom/ super women, Kristen Kauke as a guest blogger! A while back I wrote this review  on Kristen’s book. The blog post Kristen has written offers some fabulous advice for those who have friends with food allergies. Thank you Kristen for your help! Enjoy the […]

A Thank You Too EpiPen

When the executive professional of sales at Mylan specialty  , Jill Dawson messaged me I was thrilled. She said that if I ever wanted to write a blog post about my Epipen she would gladly pass it on to the company and her employees.  When writing my blog posts I am dedicated to telling my […]

My Top 10!

Recently I have gained a lot of new followers and I want to make sure you guys don’t miss my old posts! Here is the links to my top 10 blog posts (highest amount of views). Have a fabulous day and happy reading! 1. Dealing With Negative Nelly’s 2. Allergy to Annatto  3. How To […]

A Night At The Drive-in

Going to the drive-in during the summer has always been a tradition for my family! Ever since I was little we have been filling the car with pillows, blankets and junk food and pulling up to watch a movie in the comfort of our car! Last night we saw, “We are the Milers” (which was […]

All Allergies Are Equal!

Whether it’s peanuts, dairy, lobster or strawberries, all allergies are equal to me. I understand that for example nut allergies are more commonly talked about because they are known to cause anaphylaxis in most cases, but I don’t think it is right or logical for someone to feel that nut allergies are superior. The severity […]