I’m Employed!!

Hello everyone, hope you all are well! Sorry that I haven’t been writing as much as usual, but I have been quite busy. I go back to school on September 3rd, so I have been back to school clothes shopping, getting school supplies and mentally preparing myself for the fact that summer has just disappeared! My sister is starting university this fall so we will be going on a road trip the week before school to drop her off in Nova Scotia! I will definitely be blogging about my trip. I also was YAP’s yapper of the month for July because I did the most volunteer work! Remember a few months back when I blogged about part time jobs with food allergies, and how I was sadly unemployed? Well… I got a job! I am working in a clothing retail store and loving it! It is a lot safer for me than my previous food industry job. A big thank you to my big sis for hooking me up with the job. She works at the store too. I was so nervous for my shift; I had stomach pains and my heart was beating a million beats per minute. Luckily everyone was very kind to me and have remained understanding during my training. I did not have an interview for the position so when the manager called to hire me, I informed her of my allergies. She assure me that I was in good hands as someone always will be working with me who has first aid training. During my first couple shifts I have been working with a variety of new people so I always take a minute to bring up my allergies with my new coworkers, just in case. It is really nice working in retail because I am not constantly feeling sick from food and having reactions , like my old job. During my next shift I plan on speaking to one of the managers about my epipens. During my last job I dropped off my epipens into the managers office at the beginning of every shift. This was so that if I was experiencing an anaphylactic reaction they didn’t have to fumble with the lock on my locker. Time is very precious during these situations. I think it is a good idea that I do this again with my new job. I am really excited to be working again and gaining experience. Do you guys have any advice for handling a new job with food allergies? Let me know!


2 thoughts on “I’m Employed!!

  1. Congrates on new job😄 I have crochead a purse like handbag to carry with me all the time, for my 3 epi pens. It’s good that you will have somebody with you, I have a few buddies that I rely on in case I pass out an cant use pen myself. Although I’m not looking forward to this year unless I can get out of lunchroom duty, that would be awesome! Haveing 3-4 attacks a week or 3 in one day can wear you out!
    Congrats on new job!

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