A Night At The Drive-in

Going to the drive-in during the summer has always been a tradition for my family! Ever since I was little we have been filling the car with pillows, blankets and junk food and pulling up to watch a movie in the comfort of our car! Last night we saw, “We are the Milers” (which was a little crude, but hilarious) and “The Conjuring” (very well done and very scary). There was a beautiful sunset while we waited for our movie to begin and a breath taking meteor shower during the two movies! Today when I was thinking about last nights trip to the drive-in, it occurred to me that it is a great alternative for those who have food allergies. Sometimes going to the theatre can be a bit frightening since everyone is eating around you and there could be traces of your allergens on the seats. At the drive-in you can sit in your own car or lawn chair and enjoy yummy treats from home! We popped into the drugstore on the way to grab some treats which was good since the concession is now selling funnel cakes with strawberry topping! YIKES! So before the end of summer of summer, grab your family, hop in the car and head to the drive-in for a fun allergy friendly outing!



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