A Thank You Too EpiPen

When the executive professional of sales at Mylan specialty  , Jill Dawson messaged me I was thrilled. She said that if I ever wanted to write a blog post about my Epipen she would gladly pass it on to the company and her employees.  When writing my blog posts I am dedicated to telling my stories of living with my allergies, but I have yet to give credit to one of the real reasons I am alive. Of course I have had amazing friends, family, paramedics, teachers, etc, save my life during anaphylaxis, but without my EpiPen I wouldn’t be here. Of the 13 times I have needed epinephrine 12/13 times have used an EpiPen brand auto injector.  My first auto injector that I ever needed, was a different brand and it malfunctioned. We all know how life threatening allergies can be and there is no time to waste on malfunctioning auto injectors. Every time I have used my EpiPen it has worked smoothly and efficiently. I have had my EpiPen so many times that it is familiar. During my anaphylactic reactions my EpiPen malfunctioning never crosses my mind. It is administered effectively every time and for that I am very thankful. I wanted to take this time to thank the amazing people who make my EpiPens. Thank you for saving my life and for continuing to create a high quality product that I can trust will work every time. I have gone ahead and purchased an Allerject, but during my last reaction in June I had a chance to choose my EpiPen or my Allerject… I quickly grabbed my EpiPen because it is what I know, trust and am comftorable with. This was the first time I had ever administered it for myself and I am thankful I used an EpiPen for this. I love my EpiPens so much that I go by Epipenprincess on here and twitter! I will continue to purchase Epipens for as long as I have allergies. Thank you for saving my life multiple times and for creating this amazing product.



*These are my opinions on how I feel about these products. I am not being payed to say these statements. This is entirely how I feel about these products.

Me with my trusty Epipens!

Me with my trusty Epipens!


One thought on “A Thank You Too EpiPen

  1. Hi came across your blog from a comment of mine you favoured on twitter, the title of your blog then caught my eye so I had to come look.
    Have to say I whole heartedly agree with you on the wonder that is an epi-pen, they have been saving my grandsons life since he turned 2, he is 7 now.
    will need to have a good read round you blog and point my daughter in this direction, will give her some idea of how grandson may feel.

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