Canada’s Wonderland With Food Allergies!

Hi everyone! Just a quick little post for you on attending amusements parks with allergies and some tips I have learned. Yesterday I went to Canada’s wonderland with my mum and grandma! I have a seasons pass so I usually go a couple times a summer and also attend the Halloween Haunt in October. Amusements parks can be pretty risky for me since they sell funnel cakes with strawberries and strawberry shortcake dairy queen blizzards. Canada’s wonderland has a policy that you cant bring in any food or drinks. A little trick that I have learned is that if I show them my medical bracelet and inform them of my allergies they let me bring in my food. This is great because I can pack safe foods from home and avoid the risk of cross contamination. Another thing to keep in mind when at amusements parks with allergies is to always be aware of your surroundings. And of course wear your medical ID and always bring your auto injectors! Canada’s wonderlands first aid station is located in Medieval Fair next to the Spinovator. If you ever need medical assistance you can tell any park employee and they will call 911 and have Canada’s Wonderlands certified emergency medical technicians come to you as quickly as possible. Have you ever been to Canada’s Wonderland? Have any tips for attending amusement parks with food allergies?



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