First comes food allergy, then comes … airborne allergy. Seriously?

Very inspiring story! Airborne allergies are something people really don’t understand till they experience it!

the diary of ana phylaxis

Something seemingly random and out-of-the-blue occurred to me a few weeks ago that has rocked my world.

I’ve waited this long to tell you all about it because — well, in the interest of “let me focus on seeking out information before I let my emotions get the best of me” — I wanted to discuss it with my allergist first.

Now that I’ve focused on facts, sought out information and hashed this out with my allergist, I can say something that terrifies me to my core: I have now experienced my first airborne reaction to a food allergen.

My allergy to peanut is no longer just a “read labels and don’t ingest any” food allergy, it has now expanded to include “be aware, be very aware of your surroundings” food allergy.

I’m still having a difficult time typing out that I have an airborne allergy now. Admittedly, it’s a…

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