Cracker Barrel Copycat Meal!

Every time my family is vacationing in the states, we love to stop in and eat at The Cracker Barrel! Unfortunately we don’t have one in Canada so this is always a nice treat. With food allergies it can sometimes be disappointing when you can’t eat certain foods at restaurants, so a great way to handle this is too find copycat recipes! Name any food from any restaurant and there is probably a copycat recipe for it on Pinterest! My mom and grandma always make delicious Chinese food since we can’t get Chinese take out since I developed my allergies.

I have been planning to make a Cracker Barrel copycat meal for my sister before she left for university, and today was the day. I took a trip to the grocery store and got everything I needed, came home and went to work. Now just to warn you these recipes are extremly unhealthy and I dont usually eat like this. After this big meal the nausea has set in and I am stuffed and laying on the couch. I made! (All recipes linked)

Fried Apples

Macaroni & Cheese

Hash Brown Casserole

Coca-Cola Chocolate Cake

– plus my mum made chicken fried chicken!

The meals was a hit and everything tasted just like good old Cracker Barrel food! Do you guys ever make any copycat meals?







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