Back To School Basics

With my first day of my senior year just 12 days away, I have sadly begun my back to school preparations. Having a successful and safe school year with food allergies is very possible with a little planning and communication! Here is a list of all my basic back to school tips and tricks!

– Review your schools anaphylaxis policy! If you live in Ontario look over Sabrina’s Law to see what steps need to be taken by you/your child, your teacher and your principal to ensure your safety.

– Keep a spare auto injector in your schools office.

– Always keep your auto injector with you. Lockers are great for binders and gym shoes but in the event of anaphylaxis, you want to be prepared!

– Bring letters for your teachers about your allergies. Being told a lot of information at once can make it hard to remember. By bringing in a letter explaining your allergies and how they need to be handled, will help your teachers understand and realize that this is a serious situation.

– You can also bring extra copies for the teacher to keep on hand for supply teachers. I have had an anaphylactic reaction in class when we had a supply teacher and if they are not informed it can be pretty hectic and scary.

– Bring in some epipen and allerject trainers and practise how to use them with your teachers and administrative staff. People often forget little details and steps over the summer!

– Write and review your emergency plan

– Wear some sort of medical I.d

– Make sure at least one person in each class is aware of your allergies.

– communication is key! To have a successful and reaction free school year you need to communicate with peers, teachers, staff and your parents. Never be afraid to tell your teacher or peers if you are not feeling well or comfortable with a situation. For along time I was very afraid to tell someone when I was having an anaphylactic reaction, but trust me its a lot safer to take action as soon as you begin experiencing a reaction.

– don’t hold yourself back! There is no reason for your allergies to stop you from attending the football game or class potluck. Communicate and prepare and everything will go great.

– Fill out all medical paperwork as fast as possible. No matter how long you have been attending a school it still needs to be done and reviewed every year!

With my senior year approaching I am realizing I don’t have much time left before I go on too a new chapter in my life! This year I want to make great memories with my friends before it is all over. There is nothing holding me back from having a fun and memorable year… not even my allergies!

Are you ready for back to school? Have any tips to add?




7 thoughts on “Back To School Basics

  1. I’m so very proud of you and inspired by you. I’ve often wondered how my 7 year old will prepare for his allergies on his own when he gets older. You demonstrate a very good example of a teen taking charge of her health. Continue to be diligent and inspire others! And thank you for writing about your experiences. ❤

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