The Scariest Night Of My Life

My family has always been very supportive of my allergies, but they can never fully understand what it feels like unless they have experienced it (Trust me I don’t want them to experience anaphylaxis). My heart dropped when my phone rang on saturday night and all I heard was my older sister screaming for help. […]

The Honest Truth

**disclaimer** This post is not written to be negative about my allergies. I am simply expressing my emotions for what I am feeling! After 2 weeks of putting off writing a blog post, here I am! First off, I am so sorry for disappearing from my blog, my twitter and everything in between. I’ve had […]

My Reaction Free Road Trip!

Well sadly summer vacation has come to an end and I return to school tomorrow! My family has arrived home after our road trip to Nova Scotia to drop of my sister at university and after 4400km and 52 hours spent in the car we are exhausted. Dropping off my sister has been really hard […]