My Reaction Free Road Trip!

Well sadly summer vacation has come to an end and I return to school tomorrow! My family has arrived home after our road trip to Nova Scotia to drop of my sister at university and after 4400km and 52 hours spent in the car we are exhausted. Dropping off my sister has been really hard for me and I miss her so much already! I am counting down the days till I can see her at Christmas! Thankfully I remained reaction free during the road trip and enjoyed some delicious meals! I packed 3 epipens, 1 allerject and a box of benadryl and was ready to go. Our first day we had a cooler filled with drinks, sandwiches, veggies, fruit and snacks so luckily most of my meals were from home and I could feel confident knowing they were allergen free. The biggest struggle for me during this trip was the language barrier during my 2 nights spent in Quebec. My family looked up how to tell the waitress about my allergies in French but… Our French must not be that good because there was some mishaps. After informing the waitress of how severe my allergies were and that no strawberries could be brought to the table she brought a tray of fresh strawberry jam and offered it to my family. I now have an understanding for why people buy the allergy cards that explain in their allergies in several languages. This websitehas some great translation cards to print! It was also very hard to explain to family that I have not seen in several years that I have allergies. Many of them being seniors have little knowledge of allergies and find it very hard to believe. My mum called all my relatives ahead of time to let them know what precautions needed to be taken when we stay at their houses. Dining out will grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc can be difficult when they lack understanding. Some of them had a hard time believing that it was necessary for my allergens not to be brought to the table at all. All in all it was a great trip and everything went swell. My favourite meal was at my mothers Godparents restaurant in Moncton NewBrunswick called Vito’s. Vito’s serves delicious and authentic Italian and Greek cuisine! Sadly I don’t have a picture of my meal from Vito’s as it looked so delicious that I just dove right in! I hope you all enjoyed your last week of summer and had a great labour day! Here are a couple pictures from my trip out east!










4 thoughts on “My Reaction Free Road Trip!

  1. I’m so happy to hear you had a reaction free trip!! I definitely know how difficult it can be to travel with food allergies. You are brave to even eat out! Three years ago I decided to just stop eating out altogether, it was making my anxiety too bad wondering if I was going to accidentally be contaminated. The downside is that I normally eat like crap on road trips and vacations. Only packaged food which sometimes means chips for lunch and pretzels for dinner lol.

    And I TOTALLY get you about family members (esp the older ones) not really getting food allergies. I swear that I think my grandma thinks mine are made up and I just don’t like eating certain foods. When I see her she’ll say “you’re still allergic to that??” LOL..yes nana.

    Anyway, so glad you didn’t have to use any life saving devices, woohoo!!

  2. So happy you had a allergy free trip😄 school started here two weeks ago for the kids. Sadly I have had a reaction every day but one. Bananas an fruit punch which has passion fruit in it are readily available in elementary ! In as such I have weakened my immune system and have gotten a cold which I haven’t had in many years.
    So glad you had a good trip, wish I could go to Saint John:)

  3. Hi! So glad you enjoyed a reaction free trip out east. Have you heard of the restaurant Zero 8 in Montreal? It is a restaurant free of the top 8 food allergens. I know someone that took her son with food allergies there and they loved it.

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