The Scariest Night Of My Life

My family has always been very supportive of my allergies, but they can never fully understand what it feels like unless they have experienced it (Trust me I don’t want them to experience anaphylaxis). My heart dropped when my phone rang on saturday night and all I heard was my older sister screaming for help. All she kept saying was “I am having an allergic reaction, and no one believes me… Im going to die!!!”. The fear that I heard in her voice brought me straight back to my first reactions. Im just over 2000 km away from my sister and there was nothing I could do to help with a situation that I knew so well. She had an amazing day out with friends apple picking, baking and now out at a party. After having a few drinks her throat began to close,  her tongue and throat were scratchy and her lips were turning blue. My sister was laying on the floor in pain from the cramping caused by anaphylaxis, gasping for air, screaming for help and everyone stood there and would not call an ambulance. Everyone continued to tell her it was just asthma, she was just drunk, panicking and over reacting.Of all my near death experiences from anaphylaxis, I have never been as scared as I was hearing my sister experience it over the phone. Hearing her scream for help and say that was she going to die was the most frightening thing I have ever experienced. I truly thought my sister was going to die and I would hear her take her last breath on the phone. Luckily she called her own ambulance. She has shown some symptoms of allergies in the past, but we never imagined she would turn anaphylactic. She is headed to go get her first epipen tonight and I am happy that I will be able to support her in something that I too have gone through. After getting out of the hospital Saturday night she called me and said that she wanted me to know that she was sorry. She said as she laid on the floor that night she kept repeating “Im sorry Sydney”. She wanted to apologize for if at any point she had made me feel like she doubted my allergies and for not understanding. She said that feeling anaphylaxis really made her realize and feel sorry for everything I have been through.  What I really want people to learn from this experience is that anyone can develop a life threatening allergy at any time! It is also important to keep in mind that we need to be careful when consuming alcohol. This experience definitely proved to me that not many people understand the severity of allergies and we need to continue to fight for awareness. Whether someone is sober or had a few drinks, they still deserve equal emergency medical treatment!!! I am glad I was able to get that off my chest! I love you Anastasia, your the most amazing sister. Welcome to the club!

My sister and best friend. I love you

My sister and best friend. I love you


11 thoughts on “The Scariest Night Of My Life

  1. Oh my gosh! How scary😳 I’m glad she is okay and now has her own epi pen! Hugs to both….. Donnalou

    New info: so I have been explaining to family about how important it is to read labels . To make long story short, a few weeks back had a first allergic reaction to tomatoes, my all time fav food, I cried after it was over…… Not fair, my childhood fav, growing up on a farm… Ruskin tomatoes😩goodbye….. Tonight came home from work , mom had made chicken soup … Just finished eating, sat down on sofas , my brother came over to visit- about five min, feeling that feeling, eyes an tongue start to swell, stomach starts to cramp and feel nauseous , got up ran to bathroom to start gaging an throwing up, when done whole face swollen, huge dark circles under eyes, splashed cool water on face an took Benadryl and got pens ready…… Turns out mom used Lipton veg soup mix and yep you guessed it – tomatoes are sixth ingredient! Feeling worn out😳😔

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    • Wow you have definitely had a rough go lately! I can not imagine. I would be so lost without tomatoes as they are in like 90% of my mothers meals. Thinking of you at this time! I have been thinking, you have so many great experiences to share that you should start your own blog! Hugs!

    • Yeah very scary for her as it her first year of university and she is just getting used to it. Definitely makes her scared for her safety should this happen again. We are unsure as too what made her react, possibly something in her coolers.

  2. Wow! What kind of friends would stand there while their friend was on the floor crying/screaming they are going to die? I am guessing it isn’t a matter of her doing this all of the time so they don’t take it seriously. Is she underage for drinking and they were afraid she’d get in trouble? Poor thing. I’m so happy she was able to call her own ambulance and I’m so happy she has you to understand!

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