Epipens Available for Emergency Situations in Eateries!

I recently read a fabulous article that some of my twitter followers were all sharing! The article is written by CBC news and explains how Hamilton, Ontario is the first Canadian city to have Epipens available in commercial eateries. The city is doing a trial run to see how it goes and to look into funding options. Also Ontario’s good samaritan act will keep restaurant staff and bystanders safe from any legal issues if they were to administer an Epi pen on someone. The movement to have epi pens readily available became a topic of discussion for Hamilton when a pre-teen passed away from anaphylaxis at a food court in Burlington this past year. A fact near the end of the article really hit home and has stuck with me.  Here it is: “Among the 82 people who died from anaphylactic shock since 1986, 17 of them had been prescribed an auto-injector. Only nine of them were carrying one at the time.” (This statistic is based on deaths from anaphylaxis in Ontario). I found this so startling because it is so easy to forget your auto injectors at home and think that you wont need it. From my experiences with my allergies, I have learned that a reaction can occur at any time and when you least expect it. I have had epi pens at school, at home, on school trips, at parties, you name it.. its probably happened! But, what if I would have forgotten it that day? Every second counts in these emergency situations so please do your best to bring it every where with you. It is your life line! As I have said before, when I first developed my allergies at 13, I was so in denial that I would always leave my auto injectors at home because I didn’t want to be different than my peers. With time and support I have learned to carry it everywhere with me. I think that it is great for Ontarian’s that Hamilton is starting this movement and hopefully eventually the rest of Canada. Eventually having epipens available in restaurants will help with those fluke times that an auto injector is forgotten or a new allergy occurs. What do you guys think of this topic?epi-pen


2 thoughts on “Epipens Available for Emergency Situations in Eateries!

  1. It’s a good idea as long as there is some training to go with it (well, I guess I would say that). I would hate to think someone used an EpiPen and thought that was enough & didn’t follow up with a 9-1-1 call (it’s happened before!). Yes actually using them is easy it’s all the other knowledge that needs to be available: what else to do, what if it doesn’t work, what if you inject someone who doesn’t need it, etc. I hope they put together some sort of ‘one page cheat sheet’ or something to help people.

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