Let The Christmas Festivities Begin!

Hello everyone! Now that we have entered December I thought it was appropriate to begin discussing Christmas!Christmas is in full swing here at my house; the trees are decorated (all 6 of them), the wreathes are hung and its looking like it will be a white christmas. Like all other holidays, Christmas will involve food, but not to worry! Ive got you covered. All month I will be providing you with Tips and tricks on how to handle any christmas situation with food allergies. The tips begin with my latest blog post for the YAP blog, http://whyriskit.wordpress.com/2013/12/03/food-allergies-and-potlucks-should-i-stay-or-should-i-go/. This blog post is about potlucks and if you should stay or go! Whether it is a school potluck, a work party or just a family get together, I will help you tackle the event. Now to begin the festivities, a couple of my fav christmas Pinterest items! Happy Holidays everyone!!

One of my favourite christmas movies!



elf on the shelf!

elf on the shelf!




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