Enjoy your Thanksgiving with Freedible!

Hello my lovely followers! Hope everyone had a safe and fun halloween! It may be a touch early but, I am feeling the Christmas spirit! Listened to Christmas music all day and even put up my tree in my room! I have been busy with college applications and some prom dress mishaps.. I will save that story for another day. This Saturday I have a Youth Advisory Pannel online conference so I look forward to sharing some info from that with you guys. Now to get to the point of this post!

Nowadays it seems like we are hearing more and more about food and diet restrictions. Diabetes, gluten free, food allergies, special diets for children with autism and ADHD? They seem to be all around us now! What if there was a community for all of these people to come together; share recipes, share stories and help each other? Well.. There is! Freedible is a new social media website for people with food allergies and other diet restrictions! When you join freedible you become a custom eater!! You can share your recipes and blog posts or read other peoples! Having allergies has its ups and downs, so we all need to stick together. Freedible is like Facebook but exclusively for those with diet restrictions or knows someone with a diet restriction. With Thanksgiving around the corner for my American followers Freedible is on a mission. They want to help the millions of people who will be affected by food allergies this Thanksgiving and help you create a meal that is safe for everyone. Share a recipe and use someone else’s! No matter the diet restriction freedible will have it so you can prepare a meal that is safe for the whole family. So what’s stopping you? Join freedible for free today!
**disclaimer: I am not being payed to say this for freedible. I truly believe in the purpose of this website and know it will only get better the more people that are involved! I am passionate about food allergy awareness and so is freedible!

Have a great night everyone!




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