Hello, and welcome to my blog! My name is Sydney and I have severe anaphylactic allergies to strawberry, pineapple, cashew and coconut! I know all the delicious foods right? Through having allergies I have learned a lot about myself and how to handle the frustrations and obstacles that come with having life threatening allergies. Epinephrine has saved my life several times and because of that I am here to tell my story as well as offer tips and tricks to surviving day to day life tasks with allergies. Feel free to message me with questions and feedback on my ask page! Enjoy πŸ™‚

*****I am not a doctor. I am only providing advice and experiences. Any health concerns should be brought up to a real medical proffesional.




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  1. Ooh another anaphylactic girl! Awesome, haha! Keeps life interesting for us, eh? My anaphylactic allergies are egg, nuts, all seafood, and several antibiotics (actually all of them I’ve tried except one- but too scared to ever take antibiotics again I’m pretty sure)! Looking forward to reading your old posts and seeing new ones! Always comforting to hear that there are others out there with the same types of issues.

      • Hello Princess, my name Is Donna Word, aka “Lady Label Reeder” I really admire you for raising awareness regarding “Anaphylaxis”, it’s our mission to do this! I am totally Anaphylactic, that’s it that’s all, started in 2004 kept going into shock and was clueless, never had allergies as a child, my allergies started with soy and peanuts, now it’s escalated to tree nuts, cumin, sage, chickpeas, saffron, ginger, alfalfa sprouts, olives, coconuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds in December of 2007 here come more!….Trees!!!! WT? Oak, Elm, Birch, Ash, Hemp, all plant proteins, plant extracts, 2012, here comes the sensitivities,,,Wheat and Corn, citrus fruits strawberries, avocados, pineapple. WHEW!, I learned all on my own, easy when you want to live tho right? Can we say (bubble)?. And I’m a Hairstylist! So you know that contains, soy, wheat, and corn, almost have to retire, it’s hard, Prayer keeps me going Princess.
        I’m very happy we have support groups and YOU!, keep up the good work Princess, proud of u, will be following, glad you found my Board, check out the Corn Board, I don’t even like saying the word..Ugh! “SOYLENT Green”, ask your parents bout that movie, you weren’t born yet, LOL..coincidence?
        Holla Back!

      • Thanks for commenting! I also admire you for your dedication. Neat to hear from someone who has similar allergies. Hope all is well with you! Look forward to hearing more from you!

  2. I know very little about anaphylaxis, but I do know how to stop respiratory allergies. I was always allergic to pollens, smoke, dust, perfume, musty paper–you name it. I was constantly clearing my throat and had congestion, frequent colds, respiratory infections, and horrible headaches. In 2004 I learned how to stop all my reactions to those irritants, which are not actually harmful. I don’t take medications any more. My blog is http://howtostopcolds.wordpress.com and my website is http://www.howtostopcolds.com

  3. Nice to find a kindred spirit! I’m anaphylactic to peanuts and mushrooms. Both are airborne reactions but the peanuts i t much more severe; I can walk by a mushroom growing on the ground and not have a problem but being near someone eating a peanut-y candy had sent me to the ER in an ambulance. Epinephrine has saved my life too!


      • I’ve been enjoying getting the notifications that you’ve “liked” things on my blog. πŸ™‚

        The comments sections are all down for the moment due to problems with trolls. I was on the news a couple of days ago due to some allergy-related issues with peanuts (see the newest blog post if you’re interested) and I’ve been getting a lot of not-so-friendly comments. Waiting for it to blow over.


      • Yeah I was searching for the comment section! LOL! Sorry to hear about the nasty comments! Hope it all blows over! Will definitely go check out your latest post.

        P.S So glad to see that someone else is allergic to strawberries!

  4. Thank you for finding my page… most of all because it led me to yours! It’s so challenging to walk through life when things others take for granted (or let’s face it, just simply ignore!) can be deadly triggers to others, like you. I don’t have anaphylactic reactions (but do have severe asthma) and my body can be triggered by any number of things. It’s always changing so it’s like constantly walking through landmine fields.
    As you well know!! I applaud your strength and courage. And I am glad you are reaching out to connect with the blogging community. It can be so comforting to know we are not alone, especially when you are so young.
    Keep up the hope!

    • Thanks for your kind words! You are very strong and courageous as well! I look forward to reading more posts and following your story! The blogging community is so great, love hearing others stories and knowing your not alone!

  5. I don’t have any food allergies but my young children have multiple. Your post about your mom has touched me tremendously. Though we haven’t used that epi-pen yet (Thank God!), I know how it feels to be called by the school nurse frequently, cracking the nebulizer until the breaking point and having sets of epi-pen on hand all the time.
    Hugs to you and your mom who’ve faced this journey in such a positive way.

    • I am glad you found that post so touching. I believe that by facing these obstacles with positivity it makes the journey so much smoother. I look forward to hearing more from you!

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