My Wake-up Call

Written by moi!

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Since developing my food allergies at thirteen I have had to use an auto-injector several times, but there is one reaction that sticks out in my memory the most. I was in grade eleven at the time and was going out for lunch with friends during a typical school day. Sometimes with food allergies, you don’t want to be different than your peers and want to feel like you can do everything that they can.

chinese foodMy friends wanted to go out for Chinese food and I completely went ahead with the plans without even thinking about possible allergens or the precautions I needed to take. It was completely irresponsible and one of my biggest mistakes. For the most part, I was responsible with my food allergies, but I never realized how serious they actually were. I devoured my delicious Chinese food with my girlfriends not even knowing what was about…

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One thought on “My Wake-up Call

  1. This was a great post!😃👍
    And what a great point to make, Thankyou for a little reminder:)
    I’m home from work, just got up after havering a rough night.
    As you know my mom is finishing up chemo , I was over at her place , helping out, doing something’s for her, and before I left , she asked me to fill up her water bottle, I opened up the frig and was hit with stong tuna fish smell( dad had made tuna salad, an had put one layer if plastic wrap on the bowl)
    Within a minute I was coughing, hoarse voice as my tongue an throat began to swell…… Long story short, I felt bad calling in this morning, still swollen, very hoarse voice, still a little itchy, wrapped in a big sweater under two blankets, i felt like a inconvenience😳
    I know my body needed time to recover, and I was probably going to sleep half the day, which I did ……. But I need to look out for me😃
    Thankyou for the reminder!👍
    Great post😃👍

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