A Tale of Anaphylaxis Has a New Look!

As you may have noticed, my blog has a new look! I woke up this morning on this beautiful saturday and realized my blogs first birthday is coming up and it deserved a new fresh look! Plus its a new year, so that calls for some change. I have changed the theme, and even have a logo now (as seen at the top of my page). There has also been some changes done to the graphics in my about page and more to come for my ask page. I am realizing that it is looking better on a computer compared to my iPad so I will be looking into fixing that. What do you think of the new look? Comment and let me know! Happy saturday everyone!


9 thoughts on “A Tale of Anaphylaxis Has a New Look!

  1. Looks awesome:) I will probably change mine some time soon:)
    I have a question for you. If you read my newest blog, had attack yesterday , didnt have to use pen but had serious low body temp afterwards and today still cold but not as bad. was 97.7 yesterday and 98.1 today.
    Has this ever happened to you?

    • Thanks! Nice to hear from you! I was thinking about you the other day. Hmm, I have noticed during anaphylaxis that I extremely sweat and be overheated but not after the reaction, but hey anything is possible with allergies.! I hope your okay!

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