Trip to Tim Hortons Takes Wrong Turn..

Well, yesterday taught me that it is important to remember that allergens aren’t just hiding in food; but also beverages! Yesterday at school and friend and I decided to pop out to the Canadian favourite Tim Hortons for a hot drink before our next class. I ordered a white hot chocolate (which was delicious by the way), because I figured it’s just hot chocolate! After returning to school and I sat in Year Book class I began to feel extremely nauseous, sweat and just feel plain crappy! By the time I got home from school I felt terrible and figured I had come down with the flu! Today I was telling my friends about my experience after drinking the white hot chocolate and a friend of mine who works at Tim Hortons explained to me why I felt so sick. She says that white hot chocolates from Tim Hortons are loaded with coconut oil (which I am allergic to). I am so thankful that it didn’t result in anaphylaxis and a trip to the ER. From now on I think I will avoid the white hot chocolate and keep in mind that my allergens could be hiding in my drinks!


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6 thoughts on “Trip to Tim Hortons Takes Wrong Turn..

  1. EEk! Glad you are okay!! I learned that the hard way too when a margarita from chili’s and a martini from a steak house both sent me to the ER- they contained egg and sent me into anaphylaxis! Who would have thought drinks would contain egg?! Glad you are okay!

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