Holiday Gift Exchanges

Although its something that may be overlooked, holiday gift exchanges can pose some issues with food allergies! But, not to worry they are very doable. Last night I went out with a group of  girl friends to do a gift exchange at Jack Astor’s. I had a delicious meal of asiago shrimp and smoked mozzarella ravioli, topped with fresh baby arugala! Now without getting into the story to much, I will say a gift was brought that contained one of my allergens. It is important to remember that if you have allergies, or someone in you friend group has allergies that anyone could end up with the gift so its best to make sure it is safe and suitable for everyone. Candles, sweets and body products always seem to be a popular present for gift exchanges so it is best to check and see if it contains any allergens. And if you have allergies make sure all gift givers are aware so their is no awkwardness. I know that last night I was sort of put in an awkward situation with the gift that I received because of my allergies, but I took it with a gracious heart and took the higher road. With allergies it can be frustrating when things like this happen but it is best not to make yourself sick about it and remember that mistakes happen and not everyone fully understands our allergies. We often assume our allergens are just at pot-lucks, restaurants and other food events but they can even be hiding in gifts! Keep an eye out and stay safe this holiday season! 


*photo via Pinterest


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